Get more stock, manage workflows

Data driven features

Data Driven

Dashboards driven by real time data to inform the best decisions for the best outcome, including HPI flags, MOT history, and plate transfers

Real-time Notifications

Build deeper customer relationships with real time notifications in-app and by email

Powerful CRM system

Keep up to date with all your leads using the diary CRM section

Logical Workflows

Manage your leads effectively with simple and logical workflows from start to finish

Deal Tracking

Track your stock once deals are agreed

Stock alerts

Using our Retail Profiles feature, be aleerted when sought out stock becomes available

Auto-decline stock

Save operational time by auto-declining stock that is not within your interest

Tailored Factoring

Our Signal algorithm carefully collates data points to offer market driven pricing
deal tracking

Follow your deals from offered to collection

Keep track of your offers made, offers accepted and deals concluded.

Manage deals

Choose your deal status

Deal offering

Keep track of your deals offered and any reconditioning costs

Get deal ready for remarketing

Once deal accepted you can plan for it's arrival on site

Email and in-app notifications

Get instant emails and in-app notifications
Never lose track of new leads
Leads that fulfill your alerts are delivered in-app
retail profiles & auto decline rules

Be alerted to your most wanted stock

Prevent wasting time on stock that doesn't benefit you in any way.
Retail Profiles alert you when stock you need has become available
Notifications keep you updated both in email and in-app
Auto Decline stock that doesn't align with your needs and offer no value
Save time filtering this stock automatically (and sending to CBC for rebate?)

Data-driven algorithm

Using dozens of data points and specific tailored factoring gives you the best guidance and valuation figures
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Appraisals can be started and completed on phones, using QR Code scanning
Multiple dealership branches supported
User roles to manage access
Webhooks and API integrations available
HPI Decelerations and MOT History shown in app
Can be integrated on website with a few lines of code

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